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RDE_Type - Resource Diagram Entry


  • SGE_ULONG(RDE_time)

Time of resource diagram entry

  • SGE_DOUBLE(RDE_amount)

Amount since that time


A list of resource diaram entries represents a diagram showing resource progression over time. E.g. the following resource diagram

                N ^
                  |              ------- 
                  |    -----    |  J3   |
                  |   |      --- ------- -- 
                  |   | J1  |      J2      |
                   --- ----- -------------- -----> t
                  0   4     10  14      22 25

is respresented by the the following table

                  t | N
                 --- ---
                  0 | 0
                  4 | 3
                 10 | 2
                 14 | 4
                 22 | 2
                 25 | 2

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