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Google Summer of Code 2007 Ideas

  • DRMAA Web Services Specification and Binding
  • RSS/ATOM Feed for job status
  • Java Swing qmon
  • Consistent and useful error codes for command-line clients
  • A new Grid portal that offers rich UI based on AJAX
  • A portlet that offers cached access to qstat output
  • A NetBeans plugin for DRMAA and/or OpenMPI
  • Integration with a VMM (such as Xen) to dynamically set up an execution environment (in the form of a virtual machine) before running a job (see also: Virtualization and Grid Engine)
  • qevent features:
    • wait for one or more jobs to finish and then exit
    • run the script when there are jobs submitted (instead of just when jobs exit)
  • IPv6 support (commlib)
  • Re-enable "usermapping" support
  • GUI for building sharetrees
  • GUI for building workflows
  • Port DAGMan (Directed Acyclic Graph Manager) to SGE (see also: initial analysis)
  • Windows
    • Execute host for Windows programs
      • Move to Cygwin layer rather than Microsoft's
    • Submit host
  • Virtual Machine on Windows running Linux
    • Submit/Execute host using VM (likely VMWare since host OS is Windows)
    • Checkpoint?
    • Mouse/keyboard monitor?
  • Execute Windows programs with VM on Linux execute hosts
  • Robust mouse/keyboard monitor for Linux
  • VM checkpointing?