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Evaluation Expression Support in Grid Engine 6.1

Copyright statement

Note: This document is under Grid Engine project SISSL license.


Grid Engine 6.0 already supports a RESTRING in a complex configuration allowing to specify an OR delimited "|" list of patterns for limiting the jobs.

This document describes enhanced and more flexible RESTRING expressions (see complex(5)) for Grid Engine 6.1. As a matter of course even more flexible syntax for pattern matching is perceivable.

Project Overview

Grid Engine 6.0 introduced a new complex type RESTRING that allows logical OR connected regular expressions for string resources. Grid Engine 6.1 will introduce a more flexible syntax for pattern matching. Specifically, the NOT operator ("don't schedule my job to a 'linux' host")


  qsub -l arch="!linux"      ... don't schedule my job to a 'linux'
  qsub -l arch="!linux|hp"   ... would work while you couldn't express "don't 
                                 schedule my job to a 'linux' but on 'hp' host"
  qsub -l arch="!(linux|hp)" ... since you need to express it as not this nor this

More or less, this also makes it automatically convenient to support a logical AND.


 qsub -l arch="!(lx*|sol*)