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First of all, to make the installation of G.E. reliable and easy. Packaging the binary into installable pacakge formats will help the installation,removal and upgrade activities. Secondly,Grid Engine is an application that can run across different OS platforms. So ready to run type of package will be essential to promote the use of G.E. The problem is each OS plaform has their own PMS(Package Management System). so we have two approaches here. Maintain package source using local PMS for each OS or using TWW's Hyper PMS system to maintain only one package source. This HPMS approach can generate native PMS formats for each supported OS.

Native PMS(Package Management System)


Fedora packages the gridengine and it is in the standard repositories (Fedora 7+). See for more details.

October 2007: Jordan Mendler from and UCLA packaged SGE 6.1u2. The RPM is currently available for CentOS4 i386 and CentOS x86_64, and will eventually be built for all version of Fedora Core and CentOS. An SRPM is also available if you would like to build your own. Everything is available from -- the community repository. For more information on Biopackages see Thanks to all of the previous authors, as the RPM builds on their work.

Sean Dilda at Duke has created sge RPM packages. He has updated them through to 6.0u4. Seth de l'Isle has produced a rather hackish update to 6.0u8; Seth's SRPM is here.

The Oscar project also maintains an up-to-date rpm for SGE.

Debian and Ubuntu

Solaris SVR4


WiX for Win32

There are many opensource win32 PMS solutions for windows platform. Following section is about using Wix to do packaging for win32 platform. Wix use XML language to describe packaging process and can be automated by scripting.

TBC(To Be Continue).


We can create packages for different Unices from one package source without using native PMS directly. The TWW package pb tool will instruct native PMS to do the packaging for you. See this link for details if you want to learn TWW HPMS. file

sge.pb file