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How to run Dytran applications in a SGE environment

This page is meant for collecting useful information regarding Dytran applications in a SGE environment. Dytran is an explicit finite element analysis (FEA) solution for analyzing complex nonlinear behavior involving permanent deformation of material properties or the interaction of fluids and structures. Dytran is provided by MSC Software (www.mscsoftware.com).

SGE parallel environment

In order to run Dytran applications in your SGE environment, you first have to create an OpenMP parallel environment. An example that is known to work is:

pe_name           openmp
slots             1000
user_lists        NONE
xuser_lists       NONE
start_proc_args   /bin/true
stop_proc_args    /bin/true
allocation_rule   $pe_slots
control_slaves    FALSE
job_is_first_task TRUE
urgency_slots     min

Submit script

To submit a Dytran job, the key issue is to make use of the bat=no command line option. A typical submit script that is known to work, could look something like this: Glutera, Sewa mobil jakarta

#$ -pe openmp 8
#$ -cwd
/apps/msc/dytran2007r1/bin/dytran bat=no jid=<JobName> exe=<UserCode> ncpus=$NSLOTS