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How to run Ansys applications as batch jobs

This page is meant for collecting any kind of useful information on applications.

Distributed Ansys

Issues with running distributed Ansys was topic in How to configure SGE to run Distributed Ansys jobs.

Starting point was the question how to run distributed ansys100 such as

ansys100 -pp -dis -b -machines machine1:2:machine2:2machine3:2 < input file > output file.

as Grid Engine batch job.

The information required for -machines will have to come from $PE_HOSTFILE (see qsub(1)). This environemnt variable points to the Grid Engine PE host file described in sge_pe(1) when a job was submitted as parallel job. It is thus necessary to find a solution that transforms PE host file information into the syntax format required by the ansys100 -machines option. The solution for this is very similar to what is done in $SGE_ROOT/mpi/ file in Grid Engine common package.

It turned out, that based on that approach distrubuted Ansys can be run with a loose integration under Grid Engine.